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Missing contribution years

Non-working students resident in Switzerland pay the current minimum amount of CHF 478.00 per year until the age of 25. 

The statutory limitation period is five years. Every missing contribution year can lead to a considerable reduction in the future pension.

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No AHV deductions any more for “pocket money jobs”

As part of the ordinance changes discussed by Parliament, “pocket money jobs” held by young people will no longer be subject to AHV contributions from 1 January 2015. This means that parents who sometimes make use of a babysitter will no longer have to declare and pay employer contributions and that no AHV contributions have to be deducted from the small wage paid to the babysitter. This gets rid of the disproportionate amount of red tape involved in such employment relationships and employers who do not pay AHV contributions will no longer be in contravention of the law. In specific terms, until the age of 25 young people will no longer have to pay AHV contributions if their wages earned in private households do not exceed CHF 750.00 per year. However, young people employed in this manner may request that employer and employee contributions are paid to the AHV.

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A high number of office staff results in a premium reduction! Administrative staff have a different rating (60F). Check with SUVA what threshold your company has to pass for a possible premium refund.

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